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Frequently Asked Questions about chartering with Lands End Charters

Hola my friend, A quick word of warning. You might visit many websites comparing and searching for the company you choose to charter with. You might see what seems like a great deal and a website that looks legitimate and straightforward. We have seen many websites pop up recently, offering everything from FREE TACOS AND TEQUILA to charters on boats that don’t even exist or haven’t run since 2001. While we have many friends in the fishing business who are honest and reliable here, there are a few you must be wary of. Please keep the following in mind: is it a company actually based in Cabo? Do they seem to simply offer every boat in the marina with no local presence? PLEASE be careful, while the rates may seem great, what happens if you have an issue? Boats break down, weather warnings, things happen..is your precious vaction time worth the risk of saving a couple of bucks? Legitimate local operators have a local office with actual staff to help you in case something unexpected happens. This is important as with others who are simply brokers based in other countries, you may spend more time making international phone calls then enjoying your vacation. Is pricing clearly listed or do you have to send an email or call just to get a rate? (salespeople make commissions and the more you pay the more they make, we have no salespeople and don’t play games with pricing) DO THE PICTURES OF THE BOATS THEY OFFER SHOW THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE BOAT? (if you don’t know the name, then any boat will do right?) Do they offer crew information? Do they have staff to assist you or are you just sending a PayPal deposit to someone hoping to get what you paid for? We have been in business a long time, have hosted thousands of anglers and our reviews speak for themselves. We look forward to having you out with us! Greg and Jenny Lands End Charters

What is your cancellation policy? (updated 8-15-2020)

IMPORTANT COVID19 INFORMATION – We are aware that flights or trips may be cancelled due to restrictions related to Covid. We will refund any money paid due to issues related to Covid 19 with proper documentation, verification of closures etc. We are sensitive to the possibility of cancellations due to illness related to the virus and will waive cancellation periods in this case. Unfortunately on Yacht Charters, the 5% fee would still apply and can be used as credit for any future trip. Please ask about our reduced deposits during this period if you are concerned about cancellations.

Fishing Trips: There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your fishing charter within 10 days of booking. We will refund 100% of any money received if you cancel during that period. Cancellations after 10 days of booking but at least 7 days before your trip date will result in a $50.00 fee, the remainder of any money received will be refunded. There are no refunds for trips cancelled 7 days or less before your trip. Failure to show for your charter or cancellations inside of 24 hours will result in a full charge to the card on file for the total charter cost.

Yacht Trips: There is a 5% Cancellation fee on any amount paid after booking a yacht charter, if the cancellation is received at least 10 days prior to your trip date. There are no refunds for trips cancelled 10 days or less before your trip. Failure to show for your charter or cancellations inside of 24 hours will result in a full charge to the card on file for the total charter cost.

**SUDDEN ILLNESS: Amigos the most common issue we have regarding cancellations is sudden illness. We have this come up from time to time and usually its someone that has stayed out a little too late or had a little too much tequila and claim “food poisoning or sick stomachs”. We have crews waiting, your boat fueled, and food and licenses or manifests waiting. We cannot just cancel and return your money because you or someone in your group claims a sudden illness. We are happy to waive cancellation fees due to sudden illness with proper medical documentation, we understand that emergencies happen.

Cancellation fees are not waived without proper documentation however. We require written proof from a certified medical professional or institution to refund money paid for your trip. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this policy do to the people who use sudden illness as an excuse for not showing up for their charter.

What about weather issues?

There is no controlling mother nature. Our goal is always safety first and we may have to cancel scheduled trips due to weather. The Port Captain of Cabo San Lucas is responsible for shutting down fishing or any water activities if the conditions are deemed dangerous. If we are forced to cancel your trip, we will try and reschedule if possible but if that isn’t possible we will do what is right and refund 100% of any money received. If we feel there may be an issue with weather before your scheduled trip, we will do our best to inform you. A little tropical rain or wind happens in Cabo San Lucas during certain times of year, we will not cancel trips unless it is deemed dangerous by the Port Captain of Cabo San Lucas. Motion Sickness: We cannot be held responsible for trips cut short due to sea sickness. Some of our guests have a high tolerance for motion and others feel ill even before getting on the boat. There are no refunds due to motion sickness. We recommend you take this into consideration before booking.

Can I put more than the max passengers listed on your website if some aren’t going to fish?

No. Each fishing boat has a license and charter permit for a set number of anglers. This permit ensures the boat has the necessary safety equipment on board for each passenger like life jackets, etc. The only exception is children under 3 years of age in some circumstances and on some boats. Pangas cannot ever exceed 3 passengers for example.

Can we have people join who aren’t planning to fish?

Yes. As long as you do not exceed the max number of passengers for that boat. Also, every person over the age of 13 years MUST have a valid fishing license for the day regardless if they fish or not per Port Captains rules.

What time do charters leave in the morning?

We do not have any set start time for our charters since all of our charters are private (we do not add others to any boat unless requested and agreed to in advance). Your time starts when you board. Best times to start are early 6:15 – 7:00 AM. We can start later, but fishing is often best if you start earlier.

I am a solo angler, can I jump on another charter?

We offer shared charters, please click here for more information.

Are there any age or other restrictions?

No. However you will sign a waiver that informs you that this is an “at your own risk” excursion. We also recommend that for very young children (under 5 years old) you bring your own personal life jacket as we cannot always guarantee our smallest life jackets will fit properly. If someone in your group requires any special assistance or has mobility issues, please inform us at booking. We LOVE to get people out fishing who may have a difficult time without a little help. We can accommodate people in wheelchairs or with other special needs, just let us know and we will make sure to make it easy for you.

Do I just go to the boat in the morning?

No, we have a designated check in location at the marina where our staff will greet you and walk you to your boat. They will have your licenses and other information and although our fleet is scattered throughout the marina, your boat will come pick you up near our check in location.

What’s included with my bare boat booking?

Included with your booking is captain, crew, fishing gear, fishing tackle, fuel, dock fees, live bait (half day – 5 pieces and full day – 10 pieces) and all taxes.

Where do we buy our fishing licenses?

There are locations near our dock where fishing licenses can be purchased before your trip. Our captains can also take you to the fuel dock in the morning to purchase your fishing license before heading out to sea. ***There can often be a long line for purchasing licenses, we recommend purchasing them in advance at the marina if possible. We cannot control delays in purchasing licenses in the morning as this service is done through a third party. There will also be a link in our bare boat confirmation emails where you can purchase them online and have them waiting for you when you arrive!

What is included with the lunch and drinks option?

The lunch and drink includes choice of Ham or Turkey sandwiches or Beef or Chicken Burritos . We also include 4 drinks per person. Drink Options: Beer – Bud Light, Pacifico or Corona (we can sometimes fill specific requests with enough advance notice) Soda – Coke, Diet Coke, 7 UP (we can sometimes fill specific requests with enough advance notice) Bottled Water If you have special requests for food or drinks, please let us know during booking and we will do our best to find what you need.

Do the crews speak English?

The crews all speak enough English, the majority of our clients are English speakers and they are able to interact and answer questions. They like to say “we speak fishing”. We have crew that speak excellent English, if this is important to you, please ask when booking.

What type of fish will I catch?

This will depend mainly on the time of year of your trip, the boat you book, and time on the water. Let us know what you are hoping to catch and we will help guide you in the right direction. Cabo is recognized as one of the most productive sport fishing waters in the world, big Tuna, Marlin and other species are reeled in daily. You can view our fishing calendar to get a general idea here.

Can I keep the fish I catch?

As of 2018, Lands End Charters is 100% Catch and Release on all Bill Fish (Marlin and Sail fish), you can read more about this here. However you are entitled to keep the eating fish you catch like Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Sea Bass and more according to limits and slots established by the Mexican government. If you catch a nice marlin or bill fish, the crew will bring it on board for a quick picture then let it swim another day. It is always best for the fish to keep it in the water, inform the crew if you prefer to keep it swimming, we would all appreciate that!

Can I take fish home?

Yes….Many people ask about shipping fish home however, due to customs waits for shipping from Mexico, this is not an option. All airlines that fly out of Cabo allow passengers to bring properly prepared fish onboard as cargo. You will need your fish to be frozen, stored inside a hard sided cooler and you may need to show your fishing license at customs. Your charter with us includes full fish processing (up to 30 pounds per day of finished weight). This includes, fillet, vacuum sealing, freezing and storing your catch until your depature. Coolers can be purchased from our processing center or nearby at the local Walmart or Costco, plan on paying between $40 and $80 US Dollars for a standard 40 or 50 quart cooler. We are happy to assist you with the process. Airlines are used to dealing with fish leaving Cabo, but you may want to check with them for any specific restrictions. Most airlines require that you pack your fish in a hard sided cooler, Styrofoam coolers are no longer allowed. Dry Ice is prohibited on all major commercial airlines. Please discuss your transport plans with the fleet staff for any additional help.

Where can I go to have my fresh catch prepared for a meal in Cabo?

There is nothing better than enjoying your catch overlooking the ocean you pulled it from. It is truly an experience you will never forget, There are many restaurants that will prepare your fish and meal for almost nothing (they like selling beer). Rates will vary depending on the restaurant from $8.00 to $15.00 per person to prepare your meal, ask our fleet manager for recommendations.

Can I have my catch mounted in Cabo?

Yes, there are world class taxidermists located right in Cabo that can assist you. We work with the world renonwned Gray’s Taxidermy exlusively. If you are planning to have a fish mounted, please let your fleet manager know, they will request a Gray’s team member to meet you on return to discuss mounting options, pricing etc.

Do I tip?

The staff and crew work very hard to earn your tips, tips are expected and very much appreciated. Typically tips range from 10% to 20% of your charter cost.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card?

We accept credit and debit cards for the deposit and when you pay for your trip in advance. There will be a link on your confirmation email where you can pay your balance anytime before your trip. We cannot accept credit cards the morning of your trip, cash is accepted in dollars or pesos. There is a 6% fee if we are forced to charge your card on the day of your charter before departure. There will be more information provided in your confirmation after booking.

Do you offer multi-day discounts?

Absolutely amigos, if you are interested in fishing more than one day, let us know and we can offer a deal on your 2nd day of fishing.

Should I wait until I am in Cabo to book a fishing trip with you?

NO… we book a lot of boats every month. We sometimes have to turn folks away because we have no boats available. By booking in advance, you are guaranteed a day of fishing with no hassles, no runarounds and peace of mind. Also, most boats (especially under 34 ft) are booked well in advance and you may not get your choice of boat or crew. Also, some of the salespeople wandering the marina offer boats that typically don’t belong to any specific fleet and therefore have very little incentive to provide a good experience..there is a reason they might seem cheaper than others. You will never see that random guy offering a sweet deal again after your trip, don’t get ripped off over a few dollars…..BEWARE!

What happens after I book?

Once you have agreed to charter a boat with Lands End Charters, you will receive a full confirmation. The confirmation you receive will have exactly whats included and the cost clearly shown, including important information about how to pay your balance. It will also include instructions and maps on where your charter is located if you check in anywhere other than our office. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR CONFIRMATION CAREFULLY – THERE ARE SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS THAT YOU MUST BE AWARE OF.

What can I expect during a day of fishing with Lands End Charters?

If this is your first time deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas, we recommend clicking hear to read our What to Expect page